Prenatal yoga is an ideal form of exercise for women during pregnancy because it includes strengthening, stretching, relaxation, and breathing practice, and can be easily adapted for each pregnancy trimester or daily energy level. Yoga during pregnancy is safe as long as you follow precautions. 

Despite the name “prenatal,” yoga is also a wonderful tool for women who are trying to conceive (TTC) because it provides the practitioner with a stress-free break with her body in order to support it in the instinctual process of reproduction. It can also be used after childbirth as a safe and effective way to help postpartum weight loss and strengthening.

All of the poses found below are appropriate for any stage of the pre-conception to delivery process, and any level of experience. Each pose includes simple modifications for different stages of pregnancy, but the most important thing is that you follow one rule: If something feels wrong, find a way to adjust it so that it feels right, or move on. Yoga does not have to be rocket science, but rather a practice of mind-body meditation that can be done by anyone. Let the sensations in your body and your breath be your guide.

The poses are divided below by their focus. Pick whatever you are in the mood for or that your body craves. Feel free to mix and match for a well-rounded yoga and relaxation practice!