It’s funny how you instantly become aware of all the potential dangers that your daily life may pose to your growing fetus, even though before you were pregnant, you probably barely noticed them. Some commons ways to be exposed are by using printers, ink, and toners. If your job includes close proximity to a printer or requires touching toner and ink, will that harm your baby? What about our home printers and copiers?

For most of us, proximity to regular printer ink and toner will not harm a growing fetus because we don’t have ongoing exposure to the irritants found in the ink and toner. However, there are considerations depending on how often and how regularly you come into contact with these chemicals.

Inkjet printers

These likely pose the least risk and are the most common type of home printer, and also the least expensive. Inkjet printers work by placing tiny droplets of ink onto the paper to form an image. The ink cartridges necessary vary in price and quality. It’s best to buy the brand name product to ensure reliability and better quality ink.

Laserjet printers

This printer is a toner-based computer printer and it uses a laser beam to electrically attract powdered toner to the paper to create the image. Laserjet printers involve more chemicals and lasers which makes them riskier.

3D printers

Most of us don’t have 3D printers at home but we may have them at work. Since 3D printers involve using molten plastic to create 3D gadgets, the risk if much higher. There are some potential negative health effects from inhaling toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are thought to emit from 3D printers.

Ask your doctor

Like with most safety issues during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor or midwife first, particularly if your work includes handling ink or toner or involves heavy use of printers and copiers or 3Dprinters at all.  Also, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it during your pregnancy, you probably shouldn’t.

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