Myth vs. fact

Being pregnant for the first time is like entering a whole new world. Naturally,  you want to do everything right for your baby but how do you know what's right or wrong when everybody tells you something different?

The truth is that when you are pregnant you need to learn many things that you probably have never thought about before. At the same time, numerous pregnancy myths that have been told across generations, are thrown at you from friends and family ... and sometimes strangers, too!

Common pregnancy beliefs

You've heard them before: heartburn means the baby will have a lot of hair, spicy food can cause labor, and sexual position can influence the baby's gender. Then there are also the notions that deal with safety which can be a little more concerning. Can you sleep on your back while pregnant? Can you take a bath? What about pets and exercise?

Tune out inaccurate information

If you listen to everyone in your workplace, neighborhood, or online community, you can drive yourself crazy. At the same time, learn all you can about because pregnancy should be a time of educating yourself as much as you possibly can about ways to have the healthiest experience possible — for you and your baby. Go to trusted medical sources for the straight facts on pregnancy. Ask your doctor or midwife any looming questions you have.

In the meantime, test your knowledge on who much you know about pregnancy. Can you separate pregnancy myth from fact? 

Take this fun pregnancy myths quiz developed by Dr. Amos Grunebaum and find out!