There are plenty of healthy breakfast alternatives for the pregnant
woman, but none have the fiber content of oatmeal. Irish oatmeal, also
commonly called steel cut oatmeal, takes far longer to cook than quick
oats or rolled oats, but the different in texture and taste is amazing. Irish oatmeal during pregnancy


8 cups cold water
2 cups Irish oats, or steel cut oats
1/3 cup dried apples
1/3 cup raisons
1/3 cup dried cranberries
¼ tsp salt, more or less to taste


  1. Place all ingredients in a slow cooker or crock pot. Place the lid on firmly and turn the heat setting to low.
  2. Irish oatmeal takes 7 to 8 hours to cook, so preparation can start at bed time. In the morning, turn off crock pot and stir Irish oatmeal.
  3. Spoon into a bowl and top with brown sugar or other sweet alternative as desired.


Nutritional Benefits: Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Fiber, Protein, Iron, Calcium.
Category: Breakfast

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