I am a firm believer in the “look good, feel good” philosophy, especially during pregnancy & motherhood - happy mom = happy baby! That being said, shopping for maternity wear can be very overwhelming (and emotional!), so I’ve outlined my general guidelines in a do’s and don’t list.

DO embrace your bump
We have clients that gravitate toward billowy fabrics and untailored cuts to try and cover-up their new shape. However, I encourage them to at least try some of our slimmer cut and tight styles, because when you show off the bump, the rest of your body tends to look smaller (ie, arms & legs).  It is also more modern & fresh to show off the bump then cover it in a mumu style that makes your entire figure look larger. I find that a tight, cinched style looks especially flattering during your second trimester when the bump is unmistakable but before you’ve reached the point where you just feel too big (and may have some other lumps and bumps to cover).                         

DON'T experiment with a new style aesthetic during your pregnancy
If you wouldn’t have worn it before, don’t try it now (i.e. if you weren’t a polka dot and bows girl before, don’t wear them now). There are enough changes going on, so best to stick with what you know in terms of style.

Are you boho or buttoned-up? These celebs stayed true to their pre-pregnancy style:       

DO try a structured silhouette (a la Kate Middleton)

Structured maternity wear is a great way to show your figure in a more conservative way than some of the tight, cinched styles. Go for a stretch fabric - ponte de roma is my favorite (good stretch, slimming & just enough coverage.

Channel your Jackie-O in structured maternity wear:      

DON'T try and avoid maternity clothing
There is a common misconception that you can continue to wear regular clothes during pregnancy and just size-up as the bump grows - this is NOT a good look. Maternity clothes are cut proportionately for the growing bump.  

DO try prints & horizontal stripes

Prints can actually distract away from parts of your body you may be self conscious about and stripes are actually slimming! My favorites are nautical stripes and unique/abstract florals.

DON'T wear under the belly belts
I have rarely seen this look pulled off well, so I say stick to over belly when belting.

DO wear embellished necklines
Embellished necklines (or shorter/close to the neck statement necklaces and big earrings) draw attention up to the face—when you don’t feel like flaunting the bump, flaunt the glow.
DO wear what makes you feel good

Body shape & style is unique to the individual, so ALWAYS remember to enjoy the journey. I encourage my clients to embrace their changing body and celebrate shopping to fit it - that’s why I make sure that everyday is a baby shower at Rosie Pope Maternity!

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