For many women, having twins is either a prayer answered or the scariest
thing on earth. As is the case with all pregnancies, being pregnant
with twins can be easy or hard. It is often the unanswered questions
that are hardest for women pregnant with twins.

How big will my abdomen get if I’m pregnant with twins?
This question is hard to answer. Some women grow to the size of a normal pregnancy when pregnant with twins while others grow well beyond that size. Taller women may carry the pregnancy small than shorter women, as well. You can expect the size of your abdomen to be slightly larger than a singlet pregnancy until the last trimester when the fetuses are growing more rapidly. Skin elasticity can also play a part in abdomen size.

Will I feel both babies move when pregnant with twins?
No, both babies may not move at the same time but you will feel both babies move independently. The space inside the uterus is limited, so being pregnant with twins could mean running out of movable space faster than you would with a singlet pregnancy. If there is a concern over baby movement, contact your obstetrician immediately.

Will I go into early labor when pregnant with twins?
Some women pregnant with twins carry the pregnancy full-term while others go into pre-term labor. On average, obstetricians will try to keep the fetuses in the womb as long as safely possible. By the 34th week, obstetricians are often preparing women pregnant with twins for the chance labor will start soon.

Do I need to eat more when pregnant with twins?
There is a slightly higher impact on the body when pregnant with twins so increase caloric intake may be important. Some doctors recommend women pregnant with twins eat about 500 more calories per day than woman pregnant with singlets. This strongly depends on the weight of the pregnant woman before pregnancy and the growth rate of the twins.

How much weight will I gain when pregnant with twins?
The average weight gain when pregnant with twins is about 35 pounds. Light women will often gain more and heavier women will often gain less. The extra weight gain is attributed to the weight of the extra fetus.

Will my both babies weigh the same amount with pregnant with twins?
No, both infants will not weigh the same amount at birth. In some cases there will be a significant difference between one twin and the other. Of course, some pregnancies could result in two babies weighing nearly identical amounts. There is no real way of predicting whether twins will be the same weight.

Should I be on bed rest when pregnant with twins?
Not every woman requires bed rest when pregnant with twins. One woman may have a complicated pregnancy that requires bed rest while another may work full-time until her water breaks. Bed rest is reserved for cases where it is deemed medically necessary to protect the pregnancy.