Many couples want to know how many days each month they can get pregnant. This calculator helps you find out when you are most fertile.

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How do I calculate if I am fertile today?

Just enter the first day of your last menstrual period, and the average number of days in your menstrual cycle (the days between your first and last menstrual period). babyMed will then calculate your fertile days.   

Calculate the most fertile days

The most fertile period for women is the 4-5 days before ovulation begins and the day of ovulation. You cannot get pregnant having sex the day after ovulation. As sperm can live up to five days once deposited, having intercourse a few days before ovulation, during your fertile days, allows sperm to travel closer to the egg before it is released. 

Use a calendar

On a common wall calendar, mark the first day of your period. When your next period starts, mark the day before on the calendar. Continue marking the first and day before the first day of your menstrual cycle for several months. Average the days between your periods together to determine the average length of your cycle. For instance, if you tracked for three months and noted 30, 31 and 29 days the average length of your menstrual cycle would be 30 days.

Ovulation occurs about 14 days before the next expected period. In a 30 day cycle that would be day 16 (30 minus 14), ovulation would typically occur on the 16th day of the cycle. Intercourse should be planned for the three to four days before the 15th cycle day and on the ovulation day to take advantage of the most fertile days in your cycle.

Check out the babymed Fertility and Ovulation Calendar

What are the signs of ovulation?

  • Cervical mucus will change from thick, glue-like consistency to being thin and stretchy. 
  • Slight cramping is often noted about two days before ovulation.
  • Sex drive may also increase due to a sharp decline in estrogen levels.
  • The basal metabolic temperature may slightly rise. 

How many days am I fertile each month?

There are 5-6 fertile days each month: the day of ovulation and the 5-6 days before ovulation. So there are about 6 days where you are able to get pregnant each month.

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