Learn if you are fertile in 30 seconds!

At some point, everyone wonders whether they are fertile or not. Getting pregnant is the ultimate answer to the question of whether you (and he!) are fertile but there are several ways to assess your ability to get pregnant before pregnancy. Our individualized evaluations will let you know if you are fertile, how to identify fertility issues, and get recommendations about how to address them. 

Am I fertile?

About 1 in 6 American couples have trouble getting pregnant and are considered infertile. Many more are subfertile and take longer to get pregnant. The causes of fertility issues are about equally divided between men and women. Many couples don't know whether they are fertile or infertile, or even whether they are having major issues getting pregnant which can be easily treated. Dr. Amos Grunebaum developed this fertility test to help you quickly find out if you are fertile or may be among those with fertility problems, and we will recommend solutions to help you get pregnant faster and have a healthy baby.