You can improve your chances of getting pregnant by following our 12 step program

  1. Establish Fertility Goals. How long have you been trying to conceive? When do you want to have a baby? These are the fertility goals that the couple will need to talk about before trying to work for a baby. Some of the changes that can be made to increase her fertility take time, thus the goals.
  2. Achieve a Healthy Weight. If you are carrying extra weight, conception can be hard. Even women who are of a normal weight can be carrying extra fat around the uterus and ovaries. Establishing a healthy diet with exercise can work wonders for conception.
  3. Increase Daily Exercise. Exercise is the perfect solution to so many problems. Science is just beginning to report the many health issues that can be resolved with exercise. Fertility is one of these health issues. Exercising daily will help to reduce the total body fat and increase her fertility.
  4. Supplement for Good Health.
    In order to conceive your body needs to be healthy. Taking a great prenatal vitamin or multi-vitamin with minerals such as FertilAid will not only help to improve body health but it helps you get pregnant, reduces the risk of a miscarriage, and decreases the risks of fetal anomalies. Supplements take time to build up in the system, so do not expect changes in the first few days. And in order to work, you must take it starting at least 2-3 months before getting pregnant.  
  5. Decrease Sugar and Carbohydrate Intake. Processed food often contains trans fats, high sugar content and high carbohydrate content. These foods are just plain bad for the body and unless the body is working perfectly, the conception may not occur.
  6. The Fertility Chart. The fertility chart is a good place to keep track of fertility signs, symptoms and menstrual cycles.
  7. Chart Basal Metabolic Temperature. Take your temperature upon waking every morning before stepping one foot out of bed. Recording these temperatures will help her notice peaks in fertility. When the temperature goes up, her fertility goes up.
  8. Cervical Mucus. The cervical mucus will often tell her when she is most fertile. Sticky cervical mucus means no ovulation. Fluid cervical mucus that resembles egg whites means fertility.
  9. Change Positions. The closer to the cervix the semen is deposited, the better the chances of conception during intercourse. Experiment with positions that give him a deeper penetration for a deeper deposit. The positions should be pain free as painful intercourse is not an option just for fertile purposes.
  10. The Herbal Connection: Chasteberry is thought to stimulate the pituitary gland. Sex hormones are regulated by this gland. Dong Quai, another herb, helps to balance periods and estrogen levels. These PLUS vitamins are all in FertilAid.
  11. Medical Screenings and Tests. If you consistently have trouble conceiving, make sure to have the standard fertility tests run for both him and her. Standard fertility tests include sperm count and an internal exam of the ovaries and fallopian tubes.
  12. Relieve Stress. Stress can cause a laundry list of health issues. Instead of stressing about not having a baby, try to create a romantic situation with every love making session. The less you think about having a baby, the more apt you will be to become pregnant.