There are studies which show that a fertility diet can improve your chances getting pregnant and have a healthy baby.

Fertility Diet & Lifestyle Guide for Women and Men

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Infertility Diet for Men: How to Increase Male Fertility

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High-Fat Diet and Low Sperm Count: Is There a Connection?

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Do Raspberries Boost Fertility?

Two newspapers in the United Kingdom recently reported that eating raspberries could boost fertility; scientists now call these reports 'misleading.' ... read more »

Mediterranean Diet: Impact on IVF Success

A recent study involving mice demonstrated a "major impact" on the success rate of IVF when the mice were fed a Mediterranean diet before implantation. ... read more »

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9 Ways To Maintain Your Fertility Diet on Thanksgiving

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Nuts for Fertility

Most women know that good nutrition can increase fertilityt, but there's another half of the fertility equation that has to do with the male: 30 - 50%of infertility are attributed to sperm issues. ... read more »

Healthy Recipes for Fertility

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The Fertility Diet: 12 Steps To Get Pregnant

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Big Breakfast May Aid Fertility for Some Women

Eating a big breakfast can boost fertility in women with PCOS, according to a new study published in Clinical Science. ... read more »

Smoking and High Fat Diet May Increase Infertility in Men

Smoking and consuming high fat diets may be responsible for infertility in men, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Newcastle School of Environmental and Life Sciences. ... read more »

Dad’s Folic Acid Consumption May Be Vital To Baby’s Health

Gentlemen, please eat your greens. And cereal, fruits, and veggies. Your children's lives may depend on it. ... read more »

Cinco de Mayo Foods for Pregnancy and Fertility

Common staples of Mexican cuisine include beans, tortillas and rice, all of which can provide healthy nutrition for pregnant women. ... read more »

Fertility-Friendly Fats

Along with increasing risk of coronary artery disease, saturated fat has now been found to decrease fertility in men. The difference is significant. ... read more »

Carbohydrates and Infertility

The amount and quality of carbohydrate in diet may be important determinants of ovulation and fertility in healthy women. ... read more »

Diet and Dairy Food and Infertility

High intake of low-fat dairy foods diet may increase the risk of infertility whereas intake of high-fat dairy foods may decrease this risk. ... read more »

How to Improve HER Fertility in 12 Steps

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Certain Natural Elements Can Assist In Getting Pregnant

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Feed Fertility With These 5 Baby-Happy Foods

Optimum health depends on a healthy, balanced diet but some foods offer a little more nutritional 'oomph' than others. ... read more »

Diet and Lifestyle in the Prevention of Infertility

Following a fertility diet may favorably influence fertility in otherwise healthy women. Further, infertility cases due to ovulation disorders may be preventable through diet and lifestyle changes. ... read more »

How to Improve HIS Fertility in 12 Steps

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Infertility - What Can I Do At Home?

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Are You Eating the Wrong Fats for Fertility?

Saturated fats have been shown to reduce the number of mature eggs (oocytes) for harvesting before IVF treatment. ... read more »

Time to PUFA Up Your Diet

Infertility is not a female problem or a male problem – it is a human problem and if you look at the constantly increasing numbers of couples facing fertility problems, it’s a human problem we need to address. ... read more »

Poor Diet and Your Fertility

I’ve read tons of articles on the impact of diet and nutrition on male and female fertility. There is a simple statement that I read over and over again - Poor Diet. That term is not adequately explained in many cases, so how is the reader supposed to know what a poor diet really is. ... read more »

Can Sushi Improve Male Fertility?

There is something about sushi that is both romantic and delicious, but could there also be health benefits hidden in that roll of seaweed and raw fish? It appears the answer is yes based on a study in Biology of Reproduction. ... read more »

Well-Fed Sperm are Healthy Sperm

The study, found in the journal Fertility and Sterility, claimed sperm like to be well-fed, but that term may not mean what you think it means. ... read more »

My Take on Male Infertility and Changing Your Personal Focus

When I faced infertility problems with my wife more than a decade ago, I never thought the problems we were facing could be my problems. The doctor revealed some female problems that needed to be taken care of to increase the chances of natural conception. ... read more »

Women with Polycystic Ovaries May Benefit From Meal Planning

One night during my first year of college, my friend had to go to the emergency room for intense stomach pain. It turns out, she had a few ovarian cysts that had nearly ruptured. ... read more »

4 Natural Ways to Boost Male Fertility

Not everything goes as planned when you're trying to conceive. Your part of the whole process seems pretty straightforward - wait until the right time of the month when your partner is fertile, do the baby dance and you're all done...right? ... read more »