Regardless of your music preferences, we can all agree that there are a handful of iconic names in the business. From legends hailing from decades past all the way to modern-day stars, this list has a little something for everyone.

Adele: Someone Like You may be a top hit of hers, but with a name as unique as this, there won’t be many like your baby!

Elvis: Not much to say on this one because it speaks for itself. An icon in music and pop culture!

Lennon: Any Beatles fans out there? While John is a common name, going with his last name is a creative way to honor this legendary artist.

Hendrix: Staying consistent with the last name theme, here’s another fun choice to honor a musical star!

Rihanna: That’s right, like the R&B sensation herself!

Madonna: A huge player in the music game, this star’s name also means “my lady” in Italian.

Nirvana: Honor the whole group at once with this pick. It also means “a place of great bliss”.  So cute!

Stevie: This one rocks because it’s super versatile. Works for little boys and girls alike!

Axl: Short and minimal but packs a punch. Guns N’ Roses fans will appreciate this one.

Miley: Hannah Montana’s other half. We love that this name is simple and sweet.

Elton: Again, for when John is too common…

Beyoncé: An absolute power move right here. Everyone will know your little girl with this name!

Mariah: Like Maria, but with flair. Also like Miss Mariah Carey herself, in case you missed that part.

Gwen: Bit of an inception with this one. All three of Gwen Stefani’s sons have musician-inspired names, too!

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