Your baby deserves the Gold, and there’s no better way to guarantee their win than to honor your favorite pro athlete when choosing a name! From Olympians to athletes turned icons, this list has a little something for everyone. Yes, even NASCAR fans!

  1. Hope: Simple and sweet, this soccer star pick is goals for sure. (Athlete: Hope Solo, soccer)
  2. Venus: If you’re looking to steer clear of the mainstream, consider honoring the tennis champ. For something a little more common, Serena is another option! (Athletes: Venus and Serena Williams, tennis)
  3. Lance: A little cycle cutie in the making! No training wheels for your little guy! (Okay, well maybe for a little bit…) (Athlete: Lance Armstrong, cycling)
  4. Tom: We know, this one’s a bit classic. But the good thing about this particular football champ is that he offers two first names in one. If you’re looking for something a little more original, Brady is a great option! (Athlete: Tom Brady, football)
  5. Peyton: Another one for our football fans. We love this one because it works for both a little boy or girl, right down to the spelling! Have a sibling on the way? Brother Eli is also in the running (Athletes: Peyton and Eli Manning, football).
  6. Shawn: Flipping out over this pick? Us too. Boys and girls alike will bend over backward with this name! (Athlete: Shawn Johnson, gymnastics).
  7. Danica: A unique name and a unique sport to match. Your little girl will surely be fast and furious! (Athlete: Danica Patrick, racing)
  8. Misty: This name embodies extreme talent but also riveting breakthroughs and power plays at a societal level. We think this one deserves center stage, don’t you? (Athlete: Misty Copeland, professional dancer).
  9. Conor: For a little guy ready to battle it out! (Athlete: Connor McGregor, UFC fighter).
  10. Mia: A preserving champ! Fun fact: this choice can be a full name or a nickname for Mariel, as is the case for the Olympic gold-medalist (Athlete: Mia Hamm, soccer).
  11. Reese: Little boys and girls alike will jump for joy over this one! Various spellings allow you to have fun and customize it as you like. (Athlete: Brittany Reese, long jump).
  12. Beckham: Because David is too common, right? (Athlete: David Beckham, soccer).
  13. Kerri: For the beach babe with a love for the game. Serve up the cuteness please! Spell this one multiple ways. (Athlete: Kerri Walsh Jennings, beach volleyball).
  14. Missy: Make a splash with this fun pick! For a boy, last name Franklin works just as well. (Athlete: Missy Franklin, swim)
  15. Mackenzie: A girl taking on the boys, we’re all for it! Even though this name is versatile for both sexes, we just have to recognize the only US female archer at the Rio Games! (Athlete: Mackenzie Brown, archery).
  16. Derek: The list wouldn’t be complete without a Yankee, right? (Athlete: Derek Jeter, baseball)
  17. Lebron: Okay, we lied. A Yankee and Lebron James. (Athlete: Lebron James, basketball).

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