History buffs listen up! We heard there’s a baby on the way. Welcome them into the present by honoring the past. Your favorite historical figures would be proud.

  1. Leonardo: With the option to go by Leo as well, you can’t go wrong with a tribute to one of the world’s most well-known artists and thinkers! (Figure: Leonardo da Vinci)

  2. Lincoln: This pick has our vote for both boys and girls! Unique with an old-time touch. (Figure: Abraham Lincoln)

  3. Clara: Beautiful with a classical feel. (Figure: Clara Barton)

  4. Emerson: Fans of classic literature will feel drawn to this uncommon choice. Surely your little guy will be the only Emerson in his class! (Figure: Ralph Waldo Emerson)

  5. Kennedy: Last names as first names are on the rise, and this one is no exception. Gender-neutral too, which is always a win in our book! (Figure: JFK)

  6. Reagan: Following suit, another presidential pick that both boys and girls can wear with federal level confidence. (Figure: Ronald Reagan)

  7. Sojourner: For activist parents with a strong heart, there’s really no better choice for your little girl! (Figure: Sojourner Truth)

  8. Coco: An icon in the making! Fun and whimsical, and a step away from common names for sure. (Figure: Coco Chanel)

  9. Sandra: A girl who knows what she wants. We like her already! (Figure: Sandra Day O’Connor)

  10. Martin: A strong presence in history and the perfect fit for your social justice warrior to-be. Consider King as another name choice! (Martin Luther King Jr.)

  11. Amelia: Your daughter certainly won’t be afraid to fly high! (Figure: Amelia Earhart)

  12. Hamilton: If you can’t score Broadway tickets, this is the next best thing...right? (Figure: Alexander Hamilton)

  13. Isaac: A brainy boy in the making! Feeling bold? Newton may be a better pick for you! (Figure: Sir Isaac Newton)

  14. Raphael: Sophisticated and cultured, name your little guy after the Renaissance artist if the classics are your thing. (Figure: Raphael Sanzio)

  15. Darwin: Does Charles feel too basic to you? Snag his last name for a fun change up! (Figure: Charles Darwin)

  16. Rosa: Beautiful while still packing a punch of empowerment. Just how we like our girls to be! (Figure: Rosa Parks)

  17. Frida: With a dreamy flair this name is certainly in the running for art-loving parents. (Figure: Frida Kahlo)

  18. Washington: If you pass on George, don’t forget the first president’s iconic surname! (Figure: George Washington)

  19. Frederick: Two in one here: Douglass is a more common way to honor the historical abolitionist. (Figure: Frederick Douglass)

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