Ah, the 80’s. If you weren’t there for them, let this list transport you there. But make sure to give our 70’s baby names list a peek first to see which names stuck and which ones made a grand entrance!


  1. Jessica *new
  2. Jennifer *new (dropped from #2)
  3. Amanda *new
  4. Ashley *new
  5. Sarah *new
  6. Stephanie (rose from #9)
  7. Melissa
  8. Nicole
  9. Elizabeth *new
  10. Heather (dropped from #8) 

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  1. Michael (held the top spot again!)  
  2. Christopher  
  3. Matthew (rose from #10) 
  4. Joshua *new 
  5. David 
  6. James 
  7. Daniel 
  8. Robert 
  9. John (dropped from #6) 
  10. Joseph 

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