Colorful baby names

When you started kindergarten you were given a box of eight crayons with simple color names like red, blue, green and yellow. Today, the color rainbow has expanded to include some truly unique names like macaroni and cheese, antique brass, and Caribbean green. Parents are taking a cue from the creatives at Crayola who have really upped the color game, and naming their babies after the unique new colors available. Take a look at Crayola magic at its best with these colorful baby names!

Crayon baby names for girls

  • Sienna: Reddish brown – the name may be historically based on the color of the clay in Siena, Italy.
  • Cerise: Rosy red – the name means cherry in French.
  • Fern: Earthy green – the name’s history stretches to the late 1800s.
  • Orchid: Purple pink – the name represents a beautiful flower.
  • Scarlet: Deep red – the name is thought to be associated with a Persian cloth.
  • Jade: Gem green – the name is associated with precious metal, but the Spanish history of the word relates to medical treatment.
  • Tawny: Light yellow brown – the name is derived from the French word for light brown.

Crayon baby names for boys

  • Jasper: Deep red-brown – the name means treasurer in Persian.
  • Malachite: Gemstone green – the name is thought to mean mellow in Greek.
  • Gray: Lightened black – the name was once given to men (surname) with grey hair.
  • Steel: Gray derivative – the name means strong, brave and hard like the metal.
  • Cyan: Greenish blue – the name’s origin is in the Greek word for blue; kyanos.
  • Azure: Sky blue – the name is thought to be rooted in French by way of Persia.
  • Brick: Deep brownish red – the name is rooted in English (UK) slang for a good fellow.

Whether boy or girl, singles or multiples, color names are perfect as first or middle names; giving a touch of flair to your child’s name. Crayola isn’t the only company creating new colors each day. Check paint and art supply companies for unique baby names, too.

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