Looking for a baby name with a German twist? Ranked below are the top ten German picks for both boys and girls in 2018. We saw plenty of simple names. Plenty of ‘a’ endings for girls and one and two syllable choices for boys. Check them out for yourself!


  1. Marie                  
  2. Sophie/Sofie           
  3. Maria                  
  4. Sophia/Sofia          
  5. Emilia                   
  6. Emma                   
  7. Hannah/Hanna   
  8. Mia                      
  9. Anna                     
  10. Johanna             


  1. Paul
  2. Alexander
  3. Maximillian
  4. Elias
  5. Ben
  6. Louis/Luis
  7. Leon
  8. Noah
  9. Henry/Henri
  10. Felix

*Data from the Association for the German Language*

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