Boys are different than girls. Even their placentas are different.
What is Naegele's rule?
Preeclampsia is one of the most deadly medical problems affecting pregnant women. Preeclampsia complicates up to 10% of pregnancies worldwide and contributes to both maternal and infant morbidity and mortality as well as accounting for about 1 in 7 preterm births in the United States.
A recent study from Canada finds an elevated risk for diabetes when a person has both depression and metabolic syndrome; the diabetes risk is higher when the two disorders are combined than when only one or the other disorder is present. A second study, from Europe, finds similarly elevated risk for diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases when depression or other psychiatric disorders are present.
One of my pregnant patients recently asked me if she should keep her heart rate no higher than 140 beats per minute when exercising?  Answer:There is presently no scientific basis and no official recommendation to keep the heart rate during pregnancy below certain levels.
The US Preventive Services Task Force issued an updated recommendation for screening all adults for depression. The last update, in 2009, did not recommend screening all adults over 18 but the 2016 update does. Depression in anyone 15 and older is one of the leading causes of disability in the US. Screening Recommended for Expectant and New Mothers
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has published guidelines and a travel advisory for pregnant women as well as travel health notices concerning the Zika virus.
This study published online in May in the Obstetrics & Gynecology journal called "A National Survey on Public Perceptions of Miscarriage" asked about perceptions about miscarriage. Not surprisingly, most who answered the questionnaire have many misconceptions about miscarriage.
CNN reported on a baby that was born 8 weeks early in Hong Kong.  The mother apparently cannot pay the hospital expenses and the hospital withheld the baby's birth certificate. Her insurance won't pay for the baby either, likely because the hospital is outside the United States, so she is responsible to pay expenses herself.
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Pregnancy News May 14th, 2015

Pregnancy News May 14th, 2015
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Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy and Asthma in the Offspring Antidepressant use during pregnancy generally did not increase the risk of asthma. Only use of older antidepressants was associated with an increased risk of asthma. Read here more....