The pregnancy first trimester is a time when couples tend to be a bit more reserved about the impending addition to the family. It is commonly known that miscarriage and other complications tend to occur during the pregnancy first trimester so many couples choose to wait until the 13th week or so before telling family and friends about the pregnancy. But, some couples choose to tell the closest family members and friends early in the pregnancy first trimester to share in the joy of pregnancy.

Who should I tell first?
The first person a woman typically chooses to tell about the pregnancy first trimester is her spouse or significant other. This is the person that will be there during the pregnancy during good times and difficult times.

Is it okay to tell co-workers, friends and extended family?
During the pregnancy first trimester, telling co-workers, friends and extended family is a personal decision. Some women choose to wait on telling co-workers because they are waiting to tell their supervisors or bosses at work of the pregnancy first trimester. Friends and extended family are also on the “as needed” basis. Close friends are often more apt to know about the pregnancy first trimester before extended family because they are the support system needed to fend off emotional concerns – the shoulder to lean on – so to speak.

When should I tell my boss about the pregnancy first trimester?
Most women do not tell bosses about the pregnancy first trimester. There is no weight gain during the first 12 weeks that would announce the pregnancy before women want the information to be told. Even after the end of the pregnancy first trimester, some women may not show until the 16th to 20th week of pregnancy. This decision is a very personal one that should be discussed with all people closely involved with the pregnancy.

When should I seek medical attention?
The pregnancy first trimester is a time for testing, first visits, and consultations. Most obstetricians will send women out for a blood test to measure HCG levels before the first appointment. This is often completed during the pregnancy first trimester. The first appointment will be scheduled and attended during these 12 weeks as well. In some cases, the first ultrasound will also occur during the pregnancy first trimester, especially if a woman is not sure when her last menstrual cycle occurred. An ultrasound can help date the estimated delivery date during the pregnancy first trimester, though that date may change as the pregnancy progresses.