Allergies can be difficult to deal with; period. They can be especially hard when a woman is pregnant. Pregnancy can sometimes exacerbate certain conditions and illnesses a woman already has. Allergies are one of those conditions. One of the difficulties that women face is restrictions concerning the types of medications they can take during pregnancy. These restrictions typically end once a woman has given birth. The only exception to this is when a woman plans to breastfeed

Are allergy medications safe while breastfeeding?

Before becoming pregnant and breastfeeding, you could basically take any medication you wanted when necessary. That changed with pregnancy. During pregnancy, one either has to refrain from taking medications altogether, or is limited in their selection. Your doctor is the best person to ask in regards to what medications can and cannot be taken. However, in general, over-the-counter and prescription medications are fine for treating allergy symptoms while breastfeeding. They are by-and-large considered to be safe.

Which allergy medications are safe for pregnant women?

Women who suffer from allergy rhinitis can generally take the medications listed below when breastfeeding. Again, it is important to get clearance from one’s doctor before taking any of these medications. Only he or she is qualified to dispense this type of advice and make final edicts on what is and is not acceptable for breastfeeding moms.

Nasal saline (salt and water) mixes tend to work really well for allergies and are considered safe. These sprays can be concocted at home or purchased at a local drug store. Antihistamines are also generally considered acceptable, tripelennamine and cholorpheniramine in particular. Claritin and Zyrtec are also fine. Decongestants such as Sudafed and medicated nasal sprays can often be used as well. 

Fortunately, many of the medications designed to treat asthma, whether over-the-counter or prescription can be safely used to treat allergy symptoms while a woman is breastfeeding. This is often a welcome relief to moms who suffer from allergies, which can seemingly become unbearable at times.  

The effects on babies whose mothers take allergy medications while breastfeeding is minimal and not considered harmful. As long as a breastfeeding mom has the permission of her doctor to take medication for allergies, she should feel perfectly comfortable doing so.

The next time a breastfeeding mom experiences allergy symptoms, she will be able to take medication to assuage the systems. It is not necessary to suffer from allergy-related symptoms while breastfeeding. Relief is available and only an over-the-counter (or prescription), allergy product away.

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