Breastfeeding and Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most widely used drugs in the world. It is found in tea, chocolate, and energy drinks. It's also considered to be one of the safest drugs to partake in. But, many mothers worry about consuming caffeine while they breastfeed. Is it safe for moms and their newborn babies to have a little bit of caffeine? Here are some studies and some guidelines that will help you decide.

What Does The American Academy Of Pediatrics Say?
The American Academy of Pediatrics states that most breastfeeding mothers will have no problem breastfeeding their babies while they consume moderate amounts of caffeine. It is an approved substance for breastfeeding mothers to use, and there are even guidelines to how much you java you can safely drink. Most doctors suggest keeping your caffeine intake under 5 cups of coffee per day. This gives moms a leeway of approximately 500 milligrams of caffeine per day. Moms who want to indulge in an extra cup or two of their favorite cappuccino won't have to worry too much about bad side effects – it's a really safe stimulant.

Caffeine-Sensitive Babies
There is a chance that your baby might be caffeine-sensitive, and this is especially true of mothers who did not ingest any caffeine whatsoever during their pregnancy. It's pretty easy for a mom to tell whether or not her baby is reacting to the coffee that she just drank prior to nursing. Babies who are sensitive to this drug will act like an adult who is sensitive to it – they will be overstimulated, wide awake, hyperactive, and possibly a little bit on the fussy side. Some babies will cry because they experience headaches due to the caffeine, but this is a very unusual effect that is rarely reported. If your baby reacts to the caffeine, it's best to ease up on your coffee habit until you stop breastfeeding. Moms, don't be surprised if it takes your baby a couple of days to calm down – caffeine can stay in a child's body for up to 3 days.

So, How Will Mom React?
A breastfeeding mom will react to caffeine the same way that she always has. If you were caffeine-sensitive before, you will be caffeine-sensitive now. Most moms swear by a cup of coffee when they first have a child, simply because they will need the energy to run after their babies. It should also be noted that caffeine does not decrease milk production, contrary to popular belief. It might, however, decrease the amount of iron that your breastmilk contains. Overall, it's safe for moms, too.

Caffeine: It's Safe!
When compared to other substances such as alcohol, as well as many prescription medications, caffeine is one of the safest drugs that a new mom can partake in. There are no long term side effects for babies who are nursed by moms who drink caffeine on the regular.