Nursing clothes are specialized designed clothing for women who are breastfeeding. These types of clothes are designed to make nursing easy, discreet and convenient. Clothing of this type can be easily adjusted so that a breastfeeding mom can access her breast and feed her baby without having to raise her shirt or take it off.

What Women Want in Nursing Clothes

Today, it is possible to purchase great looking nursing clothes. These are not like the nursing clothes of old, which were very matronly looking. Current designs are much more stylish and modern. Many nursing moms are thankful for the progress made in this area. It is no longer necessary to sacrifice style for functionality.

Comfort is also important to moms when it comes to nursing clothes. A good fit is extremely important. During a time when a woman is probably already self-conscious about her weight, the last thing she wants to worry about is ill fitting nursing clothes.

Obviously functionality is top on the list. If the clothes don’t make nursing easier and somewhat discrete, what’s the point? Nursing clothes need to allow for quick and easy access so that a woman can nurse on-the-go, comfortably.

Nursing Clothes Alternatives
Not every woman can afford nursing clothes. For these women, it may be necessary to create a work-around. One option is to only wear shirts which button, when out in public with baby. When it’s time to nurse, a mother only needs to unbutton her shirt. This works fine when able to quickly duck into a public restroom to nurse or when mom is feeding in her car. This can be a bit trickier and perhaps a tad bit inappropriate for public breastfeeding.

Another option is to convert one's normal clothing, into nursing clothes. This can be done with a few strategic and discreet cuts. This works best with shirts that have been constructed with fabric underneath them that isn’t completely attached to the fabric on top of them, that way a cut can be made in the underlying fabric so that when the top portion of the shirt is lifted, no skin shows.  

Nursing clothes can be a great addition to a woman’s pregnancy wardrobe. It makes feeding baby much easier, whether a woman is in public or at home. Having to lift your shirt or take it off can be inconvenient and would be totally inappropriate in public. Nursing clothes allow for discreet, convenient feeding. Those who can’t afford nursing clothes have a few options. They can wear shirts which button up, or convert some of their normal clothing into nursing clothes.