Mariah Carey’s twin children, Morrocan and Monroe (or Roc and Roe as she likes to call them), are nearly seven months old and have just begun eating solids. Their individual personalities, Carey told PEOPLE, are also beginning to shine.

Carey and husband, Nick Cannon, became parents to Morrocan and Monroe on their third wedding anniversary in April, 2011. They are the couple’s first children.

In November 2010, just before sharing the happy news of their pregnancy, Mariah and Nick opened up to the world about their struggles conceiving, following a heartbreaking miscarriage. Cannon revealed to US that they cried after learning they were pregnant successfully. “We still cry all the time,” he said, “it’s an emotional journey.” 

Carey’s live version of her hit single, “Fantasy,” played in the delivery room as the vocal genius gave birth, while Cannon tried to remain calm throughout. Mariah wanted the live version so they heard applause when they entered the world. Cannon took to Twitter to express his nervousness, stating: “I’m probably going to faint in the delivery room. I need to man up! Or maybe I should say WOMAN UP,” he continued, “since they are the ones that have to be the strongest in the whole ordeal! I am in awe of my wife.”

Though the public waited six months for a first glimpse of the celebrity children, Carey and Cannon have since kept us in the loop regarding the twins’ development. Mariah most recently told PEOPLE that “They’re eating their cereal now and they sit propped up in their little chairs. They each have one, in pink and blue.” Carey feeds them only the best by making their baby food in a specialty blender called the Baby Bullet. “I’m trying to cut down all the sugar,” she said, “You’ll make them happy with applesauce, but they do like zucchini.”

Carey also shared with PEOPLE a few intimate details about family life and the twins’ emerging personalities. “Roc is playing the drums,” she said. “When Nick plays a beat, Roc will just hit in time with him. I call him ‘Roc Star.’” Daughter Monroe has a very different personality, according to Carey. She “loves melodies and likes to hear the different scales. She’s very feminine. She is a prima donna!”

We wish our best to the happy family and can’t wait to hear more as the twins grow!

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