The super couple made up of Victoria and David Beckham have been married for more than 10 years. With three boys ranging in age from five to 11, Victoria was recently quoted as saying the “chances of {having} a girl are quite slim.” Well, it seems like that chance just increased, exponentially. Victoria Beckham gained fame as a singer with the Spice Girls. After the band dissolved, she jumped into the world of fashion and never looked back. In 1997, she met David Beckham and the couple married in 1999. 

The new baby is coming on the cusp of some potential career changes for dad. David Beckham’s contract with the LA Galaxy, a United States soccer (football) team, is over in November. There is no mention of resigning the contract, but Beckham has been fishing for a new contract in the United Kingdom where the couple owns a home affectionately called “Beckingham Palace.” The couple also owns a home in Beverly Hills, which is used as the main family home. There is no mention of selling the home if David Beckham chooses to leave the United States in November. 

Victoria Beckham has no plans of slowing down with this pregnancy. She worked threw her three previous pregnancies and that is the plan for baby number four. She is currently in Britain where she is tending to the final details of an upcoming fashion show. 

With three boys, Victoria wants this baby to be a girl. In past interviews, the fashion mogul talked about the joys of parenting a baby girl in a house of boys. 

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