Babies, like any other new additions to the home, require certain special items to help daily life flow easier. With baby gear like car seats, cribs, onesies, bathing supplies and so much else on the list, how are you supposed to keep track of all the other things going on in your baby’s life?

Here is a checklist to make sure you have everything your newborn needs!


         Car seat
         Crib or bassinet
         Layette of clothing basics
         Bottle feeding supplies, if applicable
         Breastfeeding supplies, if applicable
         Hypoallergenic baby wash and detergent
         Baby diapers
         Infant ibuprofen or acetaminophen
         Infant gas drops
         Receiving blankets

Four months

         High chair if feeding food at 4 months
         Baby Spoons
         Baby Food
         Crib toys
         Musical mobile
         Teething rings
         Numbing lotion for teething
         Hypoallergenic lotion for baby massage
         Plenty of baby books
         Soft clothes to clean baby’s teeth

Six months

         Sippy cups
         Baby food if the infant is just starting solid foods
        Second stage formula if applicable
         Toys created for older infants
         Lowered crib mattress – your baby may start standing or pulling up at any time

Twelve months

         Baby vitamins if switching to whole milk
         Second stage baby foods
         Supportive baby shoes
         Age-appropriate toys
         First dental appointment!

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