Pregnancy is of course a magical time, but it can also be an achy and painful time due to hormonal fluctuations. What better reason to pamper your wife this Valentine’s Day with a few special gifts that will make her pregnancy just a little bit easier?

Granted, your pregnant wife won’t be able to enjoy a nice bottle of wine this Valentine’s Day, but choosing the right gift will show her how much you care and give her the TLC she needs to rest and relax with a baby on the way.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts for a mother-to-be

Prenatal massage therapy is one of the best methods for relieving aches and pains, reducing stress and anxiety, and even improving the outcome of labor. Make sure to find a qualified prenatal massage therapist when purchasing a Valentine’s Day package for your wife. A skilled massage therapist trained in prenatal massage therapy will primarily use Swedish Massage to relax stiff muscles and improve circulation through the application of mild pressure.

If your wife has moved into the second or third trimester of her pregnancy, she’s probably desperately in need of some stylish maternity clothes. If you don’t have a clue where to begin when it comes to shopping for maternity clothes, buy her a gift certificate to a maternity store that she will love.

  • Jewelry 

What Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without giving the token of jewelry like a nice necklace or bracelet? To personalize the gift, consider giving a necklace or bracelet that contains the birthstone of your unborn baby.

Yes, Valentine’s Day chocolate is a perfectly acceptable gift for any pregnant mom-to-be. Just make sure to choose dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate, commonly overloaded with sugar. Even for pregnant women who may struggle with high blood pressure, dark chocolate contains antioxidants and beneficial compounds that have been proven to lower blood pressure. Dark chocolate also helps to regulate blood sugar, meaning that it won't increase the risk of gestational diabetes.

  • Date Night

If you don’t have a big budget this Valentine’s Day, don’t despair. More than anything, pregnant women need emotional support and comfort from their mates. Give your wife a homemade gift certificate for the date night of her choice with you, offering your undivided attention. Even something as simple as a home-cooked meal for two will help your wife to relax and relieve stress during pregnancy.

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