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When couples ask,"How long does it take to get pregnant?" they are often focused on the reproductive side of their body. While the reproductive system is, indeed, very important for conception, sometimes overall body health can increase the chances of pregnancy.

Do you exercise daily? Are you eating a healthy diet? Do you consume alcohol or drugs? Are you overweight? These factors can also affect how long it takes you to get pregnant.


Being overweight is one of the easiest fertility problems to solve. Losing weight takes a bit of time, but the effects of weight loss can trigger an increase in fertility from the first weeks on a healthy eating and exercise program. Weight loss is essential for both partners if being overweight is an issue, but it does not have to be a struggle. Why not go out to eat for a romantic salad after a couple's workout at the gym? End the night a session of lovemaking and increase that chance of conception! Do you know if you are at a normal weight? Use BabyMed's Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator and see!

Diet and exercise

Daily exercise is very important for the prevention of disease, but it is also important for conception. When fat collects around the ovaries, they are less likely to perform to the best of their ability. Just because the weight of a person is not in the obese category, does not mean that fat is not collecting on the inside of the body around the organs. Exercise helps to burn fat and improve overall health which is directly linked to conceiving. Men need to exercise too!

For those who do exercise regularly, is your diet keeping your body healthy and strong? A Harvard study revealed a link between diet choices and fertility. According to the study, women who consumed slowly digesting carbs, a healthy balance of good and bad fats, and plant-based proteins were more likely to conceive than their unhealthy eating counterparts. While the fast-food eater is asking how long does it take to get pregnant, you could be asking how long until the baby is born with a healthy diet change. A healthy diet can also improve sperm viability.

Test your knowledge of how exercise and diet affect fertility by taking this fun quiz!

Alcohol and trying to get pregnant

Alcohol has a negative impact when answering the question: "how long does it take to get pregnant?"

Consuming alcohol and/or drugs is a bad choice all around for both women and men who are trying to conceive. The heavy consumption of alcohol, for instance, is directly linked to lower sperm counts and a lower rate of conception. In order to stop asking how long does it take to conceive, start limiting alcohol intake to just a couple a week. Drugs, on the other hand, have no healthy limits when talking about conception.

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