male reproductive systemEpididymitis is the inflammation of the tube connecting the vas deferens and testicle. Sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause inflammation and reduction in reproductive function. Researchers from Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in Georgia recently published a review of the impact of inflammation on function of the reproductive system. The report was published in the journal Georgian Medical News.

Patients with chlamydia and gonorrhea suffered infertility associated with urethritis in 70% and 29% of cases, respectively. Urethritis was also associated with infertility in 63% of cases with mycoplasmic genesis. Patients experienced reduced semen volume, a smaller number of spermatozoids and reduced movement in sperm.

Conclusion: Epididymitis negatively effects reproduction in various medical cases. The best means of reversing the infertility is to address the inflammation and reduce swelling of the tube that connects the vas deferens and testicle. After inflammation is under control, attending physicians can address the restorative side of treatment.

Source: Durglishvili G, Galdava G. Influence of epididymitis on reproductive function. Georgian Med News. 2013 Feb;(215):32-5.