How to Improve HIS Fertility in 12 Steps

His diet is very important when trying to get pregnant. Following these 12 steps will help improve his fertility.

  1. Healthy diet: Eating right is about more than just consuming enough vitamins and minerals. The proper diet will keep the body at a healthy weight. Being overweight or obese can impact his fertility on the negative.
  2. Supplemental zinc plus Fertilaid for men: There is some evidence that Zinc and other essential vitamin levels being low can contribute to lower fertility. FertilAid For Men has enough zinc plus a proprietary formula and packs the additional effect of being great for the immune system.
  3. Tight underclothing: The old favorite - boxers versus briefs. In the case of his fertility, the answer is boxers. The testicles need room to expand and contract with the heat. If they are forced into a pair of tight undergarments, they can produce less sperm which will not be a good choice for fertility.
  4. No heated car seats: Many people have read about the effect of tight undergarments on sperm count, but few think about the heat of the car seat. Heated testicles mean lower sperm counts and less effective fertility. In the summer months, allow the car to cool a bit before sitting down to drive. If the car comes with heated seats, turn the heat off.
  5. No alcohol: Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can reduce sperm counts dramatically. If a man is trying to conceive, limit alcohol intake to a small amount each day. If alcohol consumption can be stopped altogether, that is an even better choice.
  6. No smoking: Recent health studies have proven that smoking can harm male fertility. The sperm of a smoker is less likely to pair up with an egg than the sperm of a male who does not smoke.
  7. Testosterone levels: Most fertility specialists will have the patient try every natural treatment before treating low testosterone levels. If the levels of testosterone are below normal, infertility can be a symptom and can be treated.
  8. Drug use: Use of over the counter drugs and illegal drugs can greatly affect the sperm count and ability to bind with the egg. Drugs can decrease testosterone levels and impact erectile and ejaculatory function.
  9. Bike safety: If you love to ride that bike and want to have children, safety is the number one concern. Bike riding not only increases the heat near the testicles, but it can lead to dangerous testicular injury.
  10. Nix oral sex: The acid in saliva can kill sperm. If oral sex is performed before intercourse, the saliva can actually prevent a number of sperm from living long enough to make it to the egg for conception.
  11. Lead and chemical testing: Lead poisoning or high lead levels can impair fertility in men. There are also several other chemicals that can decrease sperm levels and sperm mobility. A fertility specialist will be able to test for any chemicals that could harm male fertility.
  12. Be patient with sex: If the male has lower than normal sperm counts, it is important to wait between sessions of intercourse. While the healthy male can often reproduce the sperm ejaculated within 24 hours, the male with low sperm counts may need a bit longer. Waiting one or two days between intercourse may be the best option.

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