Reducing Stress Fertility

Stress plays a huge effect on people’s overall health. Besides that, it has been proven that a woman’s stress levels can play a big role in conceiving a child as well as in the development of the child if she is already pregnant. There is a huge chemical imbalance that comes along with stress that makes this so.

What’s the chemical reaction?

Many different processes take over when our body gets stressed out. Whether it is work issues, financial problems, or difficulties with your spouse it can all take a huge toll on your body. So, how does stress hinder fertility? First of all, stress minimizes the production of estrogen which, in turn, thins out the fertile mucus along the endometrium. It may also trigger an early miscarriage or other health issues. Stress can also cause issues with your spouse. It may lead to erectile dysfunction and low sperm count.

Don’t blame yourself or your partner

Keep in mind that playing the “blame game” is not going to solve infertility issues. It is mainly just going to make you both more upset and cause more unneeded stress in your life. When dealing with infertility issues, you must learn how to cope with it in the most positive way. You and your partner have to both strive to work out these issues and do what you can to make the conception possible. You have to find a way to reduce the physical and mental stress you are putting yourself through.

The best possible thing for you and your partner to do is to support each other. The less stress you are under, the better off your chemical balance will be. Try asking your OB what would be the best option to increase the chance of you getting pregnant, do some research online and see what worked for other women in your shoes, and above all else, remain positive. Do not blame yourself and do not blame your partner. If you need it, seek out emotional support and advice from other people that have experienced the same thing. This will help put your issue into perspective and give you hope for the future.

Another thing to keep in mind

There are always other options to consider. Remember that, even if you are infertile and cannot conceive, it does not mean that your chances of having a family are over. There are always adoptions and surrogate mothers. This is something to consider after trying and not succeeding for a while, but remember to not get discouraged.

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