Why Pin to a Dashboard?

You know that friend or relative that seems to have all the answers and is always there for you? Well, your dashboard can help you be that person to someone else. By pinning items to your dashboard, you’re sharing your experiences, recommending content, and letting other members know what is interesting to you.

What is the difference between a profile and an account?

In simple terms, your profile can be viewed by the babyMed community, while your account is only visible to you.

A profile is a snapshot that lets other babyMed users get to know you and your personal journey. You can share as much or as little information as you like with the community at large. You also have the option to keep certain pieces of information private by checking the “Keep Private” box.

What is a Journal?

Sometimes you may want to share a story, an experience, or some information that isn’t really designed for a discussion board. babyMed’s community affords you the opportunity to create your own online journal entry.

Share your thoughts, allow comments if you’d like, and don’t forget to pin it to your dashboard so that your friends and followers can learn about your latest post.

And if you read a journal entry that you like, don’t forget to “Heart” it and let the author know how much you enjoyed accompanying them on their journey.

What is a group and what is a forum? What is the difference?

Think of a group like an encyclopedia and forums like the individual topics or entries. For example, we have groups like First Time Mothers and First Time Fathers. A group connects people through their shared interests and encompasses a wide variety of topics (a.k.a. forums). A forum allows people to interact through discussing issues and sharing experiences and ideas. Each group can contain multiple forums.

What does Follow mean?

You may come across a user whose content you really value, and want to make sure you see everything they post. That’s why we offer the “Follow” option. If you choose to follow a user, you will receive a notification any time she or he posts new content on the site.

To follow a user, simply click on their name to view their profile and click the “Follow” button under their profile picture. If you decide you no longer want to follow a user, just click “Unfollow” under their profile picture.

Sharing to Social Networks

Since not everyone is in the babyMed community (though they should be!), we have made it easy for you to share content with your friends, family and followers on many of the main social media sites.

You’ll see Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ icons on many content pages. Simply click on the “Share,” “Tweet,” or “Google+” icon to share content outside of babyMed.

How Do I Report Content or Comments that I Feel Inappropriate?

At babyMed we want to encourage open and honest discussions about topics that are often very personal. We know that the vast majority of people are coming here to share their experiences, help others, and learn from each other. However, we also know that there are lots of touchy subjects, and there can be lots of stress and anxiety for people who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, and/or parenting.

How can I manage my subscriptions?

Hover over your user name in the upper right of the page, select “Account Settings,” and then click on the “Subscriptions” tab. On this page you’ll be able to see the sections and pages that you’re subscribed to and manage your notifications.

When you first click on the “Subscriptions” tab, you will see your account “Overview.” Here you’ll see how many pages/threads, content types, categories, and groups you are subscribed to. You can choose to explore the specifics of each section by clicking on the various tabs/links.

How and why would I subscribe to a page?

Just as you experience various stages in your fertility journey, you will also experience varying levels of interest in the content on babyMed. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the information that you want, when you want it. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to subscribe to pages throughout the community.

Simply scroll down to the “Subscriptions” section of the page you’re on and check the “Subscribe to…” option. You may also have the option to subscribe to specific groups or topics.