The healthier you are, the easier it will be for you to conceive. By maintaining a healthy weight and eating right, your reproductive organs will work better, as will the rest of your body. In fact, health is an important part of every step of the pregnancy process, from conception to gestation to delivery.

Exercise should be your healthy routine

Part of good health is getting regular exercise, so you might be surprised to hear that going to the gym too much might actually interfere with your ability to get pregnant. That’s right, studies show that too much exercise can cause temporary infertility.

Hold on – you’re not exactly off the hook. Experts say that you should definitely still get exercise if you’re trying to conceive, but only about seven hours per week. So, you should aim for an hour of exercise every day, whether you spend the whole 60 minutes at the gym or try to add more walking or biking into your regular routine.

How much is too much?

When you work out too much, your body goes into overdrive and your resources at all spent keeping your hydrated and energized after vigorous activity. Then, fewer resources can be sent to your ovaries and reproductive organs so conception becomes more difficult.

Of course, don’t assume you aren’t going to get pregnant because you’re a work out junkie. Conception can be a mysterious thing, and you could get pregnant even if you’re an Olympic swimmer or bodybuilder. Though scientists understand basic “rules” of conception, everyone’s body works differently. You might get pregnant despite biological roadblocks, or you might never get pregnant despite millions of healthy eggs. Much of conception is based on chance and luck.

Once you make the decision to have a baby, talk to your doctor about getting as healthy as possible. Learn what your healthiest weight is, and learn which foods to eat and which to avoid. Don’t forget to get enough sleep, drink enough water, and avoid too much stress. By achieving good health, your fertility will increase. Better yet, you’ll be set up for a successful pregnancy because your weight will be normal and your body will be optimized for fetal growth.

Though it might be difficult to drag yourself to the gym every day, always keep in mind your reasons for doing it. Every early morning and the treadmill tedium will be worth it once you’re looking into your beautiful and healthy baby’s eyes.

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