skateboard during pregnancy

There are so many modifications you have to make when you become pregnant, for your own safety as well as your growing baby. Sports is a debatable subject when it comes to pregnancy. Some women continue their regular regimen while others stop for nine months. Some women never pick up the sport again after pregnancy because they fall out of habit. Avid skateboarders love nothing more than to bring their board with them and de-stress while gliding down the road, but is it safe to do while pregnant?

Some doctors will approve a certain sport that other doctors will advise against participating in during pregnancy. As with most things in life, the choice is all yours. However, there are certain exercises and sports that are dangerous because of the high risk of falling and injury.

Risk of Falling

The number one risk from skateboarding is the risk of falling, in particular of falling on your stomach. This is especially true after the first trimester as your baby and belly are growing larger. Carrying an extra 10-15 pounds in your stomach alone will throw off your center of gravity. Taking a harsh fall and landing on your belly could result in fetal injury, separation of the placenta from the fetus, and premature labor.

Loss of Balance

Balance is everything when it comes to skateboarding. During pregnancy, your balance is not what they used to be. Your ever-changing hormones, specifically prolactin, is loosening up your joints. You may even notice this while simply walking; your balance may be off and you may be more prone to slips and slides.

Rocking And Bouncing The Baby

Some women worry if the motion caused by skateboarding will disturb the baby or cause too much rocking or bouncing inside the uterus. The short answer is no, the baby is perfectly content and safe with your body rocking or bouncing. Some babies are even soothed by the rhythm.

Ask Your Doctor

There is no replacement for the experienced advice of a doctor or a midwife who has helped many women have healthy pregnancies. Your own doctor knows all of your medical history and likely your sports and activity history and will better able to gauge your level of fitness and which activities are safe for you. Skateboarding may be a possible activity in the first trimester but as your belly and baby grow, you may have to put that board away for a few months.

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