Pregnancy Safety Guide

Everything you need to know about activities, sports, and food. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Lift Weights During Pregnancy?

Strength training is one of the best exercises for women. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Exercise During Pregnancy?

It's key to understand the limits of the pregnant body. ... read more »

Sports and Activities During Pregnancy Guide

How to modify sports activities to keep you and your baby healthy. ... read more »

Mountain Biking During Pregnancy

Working out in a structured exercise program is beneficial to you whether you be expecting or not, and unless there are certain complications in pregnancy, she can exercise. ... read more »

Is It Safe to Roller Skate During Pregnancy?

Even for experienced skaters, skating poses a significant risk during pregnancy. As adults, many of us skate around our parks for exercise and recreation. Yet even for experienced skaters, roller skating poses a risk during pregnancy. ... read more »

Sit-ups and Abdominal Crunches During Pregnancy

Sit-ups and crunches are usually safe early in pregnancy but later on you should not stay too long on your back. ... read more »

Bowling During Pregnancy

It is usually safe to go bowling during pregnancy, but you need to take certain precautions to prevent injury. ... read more »

Are Sports Safe During Pregnancy?

Exercise is a crucial part of a healthy pregnancy. However, while sports may have been an important part of your life prior to pregnancy, but not all sports are safe for pregnant women. ... read more »

Serena Williams' Postpartum Complications

Just 10 months after giving birth to her baby daughter, new mom Serena Williams is set to play the final game in Wimbledon. Williams had a grueling labor and delivery, and life-threatening postpartum complications. ... read more »

Are Mixed Martial Arts Safe During Pregnancy?

Are mixed martial arts safe during pregnancy? ... read more »

Is It Safe To Springboard Dive During Pregnancy?

While swimming is so beneficial during pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant women do not dive when entering a pool. ... read more »

Are Water Rapids Safe During Pregnancy?

If you already have kids and will be taking them around amusement and water parks, or if you are heading out to vacation spots by the water, you may be wondering if water rapid rides are safe for you during pregnancy. ... read more »

Is Hang Gliding Safe During Pregnancy?

Since hang gliding involves being lifted off the ground and taking flight, there are serious concerns about hang gliding during pregnancy. ... read more »

Is Car Racing Safe During Pregnancy?

Car racing while pregnant holds not only a high risk of injury to you but also your unborn baby. ... read more »

Is Mountaineering Safe During Pregnancy?

Mountaineering is difficult as it is the physical climbing of often steep mountains usually under snowy and icy conditions. For an average person, mountaineering is an ambitious goal, but for a pregnant person, it is overwhelming, ... read more »

Is Cheerleading Safe During Pregnancy?

Many young women on college and high school teams wonder whether they can continue cheerleading once they become pregnant. It’s a good question. ... read more »

Is Sledding Safe During Pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant, you may be wondering if you can still go sledding, especially if you already have a small child who is begging you to go. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Wrestle During Pregnancy?

Even when at the top level of wrestling as a career, professional female wrestlers will take an immediate leave of absence when they discover they are pregnant. Wrestling as a sport is just too unsafe to risk during pregnancy. Here’s why: ... read more »

Is It Safe To Play Rugby During Pregnancy?

Rugby is a widely loved game played by both men and women, and for women, the topic of whether you can continue to play rugby throughout pregnancy is a common question. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Skateboard During Pregnancy?

Avid skateboarders love nothing more than to bring their board with them and de-stress while gliding down the road, but is it safe to do while pregnant? ... read more »

Is Hiking Safe During Pregnancy?

Hiking is an activity with several health benefits. You get to see beautiful places, challenge your skill and stamina, and get in a great cardio workout in the process. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Play Basketball During Pregnancy?

Basketball is a high-intensity sport that requires a lot of stamina, constant running, and conditioning. It is also one of the sports that give you a full body workout as well as a cardio session. This all sounds great when not pregnant, but how safe is basketball during pregnancy? ... read more »

Is It Safe To Play Lacrosse During Pregnancy?

Lacrosse is a great, interactive team sport that gives you an intense cardio workout to boot. Some compare it to field hockey, although in lacrosse, you use a stick that has a head for catching and a ball instead of a puck. The rules are different but the basic concept when it comes down to the running workout it provides is virtually the same. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Play Football During Pregnancy?

Football has been well documented as a risky sport, even for professional players with professional equipment. It’s not a surprise then that playing football during pregnancy is not the safest of choices. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Play Volleyball During Pregnancy?

Volleyball is a great sport to help you stay active, but is it safe to play during pregnancy? ... read more »

Is It Safe To Kickbox During Pregnancy?

Kickboxing is a contact sport combining martial arts kicks with boxing moves and may be dangerous for pregnant women. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Play Tennis During Pregnancy?

Conflicting reports about playing games such as tennis can be confusing, but here are some guidelines that will help you to decide if playing tennis during your pregnancy is safe. ... read more »

Is Boxing Safe During Pregnancy?

Boxing is a great aerobic activity, and its popularity is increasing. Boxing is an ideal stress reliever (what other sport allows you to punch your way to serenity?). But is boxing safe during pregnancy? ... read more »

Is It Safe To Play Baseball And Softball During Pregnancy?

Baseball and softball are very popular spring and summer sports. Many women have grown up playing the sport in high school or college and then gravitated toward neighborhood teams as adults.  Some women enjoy the competitive aspect of the game while others revel in the regular camaraderie within the team. ... read more »