Your body changes significantly during pregnancy. These changes are intended to protect the fetus, support development, and also prepare the mother for birth. Theese body changes affect bearly all p[arts of your body such as the heart, bowels, blood system, kidneys, lungs, hormones, and even your eyes and your hearing.  

Breast Tenderness and Pregnancy

Is it normal to have breast tenderness 10 days after ovulation? Breast tenderness is among the typical symptoms of progesterone after ovulation, but it is also part of typical pregnancy symptoms. ... read more »

What Causes Pain During Pregnancy?

Pain during pregnancy is often associated with complications or labor and can be a scary thing. However, not all pain during pregnancy signals a problem. ... read more »

Your Body Changes During Pregnancy

There are many body changes during pregnancy that will happen both physically and emotionally. We will explain them here as well as offer some suggestions for relief. ... read more »

How an Umbilical Hernia Could Affect Your Pregnancy

Increased abdominal pressure can cause an umbilical hernia at any point in your life. A bad cough and heavy lifting are both common causes, so it’s no wonder pregnancy can also cause a hernia. ... read more »

Endocrine and Metabolic Body Changes During Pregnancy

You'll undergo numerous body changes during pregnancy. Hormonal changes are responsible for many of the physical changes and emotional changes that take place. ... read more »

Common Skin Changes During Pregnancy

There are a wide variety of skin changes and other uncomfortable beauty issues you may experience during pregnancy. Learn how to treat common pregnancy skin issues. ... read more »

What Is Mom Brain? Pregnancy Changes in the Human Brain

Scientific evidence proves that mom brain is real. ... read more »

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, or striae, are a type of scarring that can occur when skin stretches beyond its limits. Stretch marks appear as faint lines that are typically reddish or purple in color. ... read more »

Linea Nigra and Pregnancy

Linea Nigra is the medical term for that dark line that appears during pregnancy. The line often starts at the belly button and ends at the public bone. ... read more »

Cardiovascular Pregnancy Body Changes

  The following changes with the circulatory system during pregnancy happen week by week as early as the very first pregnancy week ... read more »

Digestion During Pregnancy

Digestion issues such as diarrhea, constipation, or other issues are very common during pregnancy, though occasionally diarrhea could be a sign of something more serious like food poisoning. ... read more »

Skin Tags During Pregnancy

Some pregnant women develop tiny polyps, called skin tags, in areas where skin rubs on clothing or skin rubs together. Commonly found under the arms, between neck folds, or under bra lines on the chest, skin tags are caused by hyperactive growth of a superficial layer of skin. ... read more »

Guidelines for Weight Gain During Pregnancy

New guidelines from the Institute of Medicine about weight gain during pregnancy steer clinicians and women to more moderate weight gain goals during pregnancy for women who are obese. ... read more »

Gallbladder Problems During Pregnancy

Women are twice as likely to have gallstones as men. Much of that has to do with pregnancy hormones.  Elevated hormones in pregnancy cause the gallbladder to function more slowly, less efficiently. ... read more »

Weight Loss During Pregnancy

Is weight loss okay during pregnancy? ... read more »

Overweight and Weight Loss During Pregnancy

When you are overweight you should not lose weight during pregnancy but rather gain less weight than woman with average weight. ... read more »

Too Much Weight Gain During Pregnancy

What should I do if I am gaining too much weight during pregnancy? ... read more »

Consequences of Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Possible consequences of excessive weight gain during pregnancy. ... read more »

Urination during pregnancy

When women are pregnant, they most often complain about frequent urination during pregnancy which is a common symptom of pregnancy. ... read more »

What Can I Expect During My Pregnancy?

Many women wonder what they can expect during pregnancy. This is especially true of first-time mothers. Changes during pregnancy are physical and emotional. ... read more »

Questions About Weight Gain Answered

Many women have questions about weight gain like, 'How much should I gain?' and 'Can I lose weight?' These and other questions about weight gain during pregnancy can be found below. ... read more »

How to Avoid Pregnancy Weight Gain – Excessive Weight Gain

The common misconception of 'eating for two' can lead a woman to excess weight gain. Pregnant women can easily avoid pregnancy weight gain in excess by choosing healthy foods that are good for baby and mom. ... read more »

What Are the Pregnancy Weight Gain Guidelines?

When a woman finds out she is pregnant she may start to wonder how much pregnancy weight gain she will need to deal with throughout the 40 week journey to motherhood. ... read more »

6 Stages During Pregnancy: The Changing Female Body

Stages during pregnancy are often divided up into weeks or trimesters. Within these common stages in pregnancy are six major times of change. ... read more »

Where Did These Breasts Come From?

Some women are thrilled to have 40 weeks of expanding breasts, while others are happier with the breasts they had before becoming pregnant. Why and how do breasts grow during pregnancy? ... read more »

Dealing with an Expanding Tummy

Stretching skin and moving organs are not pleasant all the time, but the woman can rest assured everything will move back into its normal space after the baby is born. ... read more »

Hair Loss and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the few times in life when hair growth is sustained for around nine months. Normal hair growth cycles follow a 90/10 ratio. About 90% of the hair follicles are in the growing state at any given time. ... read more »

Does Hair Get Thicker During Pregnancy?

Hormonal change is responsible for changes in everything from muscle tension to hair growth. During a normal month, estrogen levels rise and fall, but after pregnancy estrogen levels remain elevated for the duration of pregnancy. ... read more »

Tips for Eliminating Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is extremely common during pregnancy, but there are ways to prevent the worst of the pain. Here are 6 tips to keep that back pain under control during pregnancy. ... read more »

Exercise Alone Does Not Control Pregnancy Weight Gain

Most women are healthy enough during pregnancy to start a light exercise program or maintain an exercise program they followed before becoming pregnant, but researchers note that exercise is not enough to control excessive weight gain during pregnancy. ... read more »

How to Minimize Varicose Veins During Pregnancy

Fifty-five percent of all women in the US will develop varicose veins at some point during their lives. The risk of varicose veins is increased during pregnancy but there are ways to minimize them. ... read more »

Musculoskeletal Body Changes During Pregnancy

The musculoskeletal system endures a lot of changes during pregnancy and there is an increased strain on the muscles and ligaments supporting the vertebral column. ... read more »

Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are caused by these same varicose veins popping up in the rectum instead of on the legs. ... read more »

Weight Gain and Weight Changes During Pregnancy

There are general guidelines for proper weight gain during pregnancy and these are used for more than just guiding mom during her prenatal visits. ... read more »

Gastrointestinal Body Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy poses a unique medical stress to the gastrointestinal GI tract. Many of these changes such as constipation of loose stools are normal to a certain extent. ... read more »

Eye Vision Changes During Pregnancy

The changes in the eyes / vision during pregnancy can be attributed to corneal edema, retinal changes, central serous choroidopathy, glaucoma and pituitary adenoma. ... read more »

Respiratory Body Changes During Pregnancy

  There are many profound changes with the respiratory system in women during pregnancy week by week. ... read more »