Am I in Menopause?

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Breast Tenderness and Menopause

Breast pain and tenderness after ovulation is due to an increase in the hormone progesterone. Breast tenderness during menopause is due to a hormone imbalance. ... read more »

Surgical Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Getting Pregnant During Menopause

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12 Ways to Relieve Hot Flashes During Menopause

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Perimenopause Symptoms

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Early Menopause

Early menopause can hit in the 20s, 30s, or early 40s. ... read more »

Menopause Results

Thank you for completing the online menopause evaluation report We are sending you an email with the link to your results. It may take a few minutes, but if you don't get an email soon, check your spam and trash folders. ... read more »

Menopause Symptoms

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How Menopause Affects Bone Mass

As the female body ages, estrogen levels decline and so does bone mass. ... read more »

Post-Menopause – After the Change of Life

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Pregnancy After Menopause: Is It Possible?

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Alternative Treatment for Menopause

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Menopause Exercises

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Menopause Diet

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How Menopause Affects Your Mood

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Menopause and Sleep

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Home Testing for Menopause

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Diagnosing Menopause

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