Real Body Talk articles are for the woman who wants medical information and knowledge but isn’t necessarily trying to get pregnant and isn’t pregnant. While this content is written for the young woman who wants straight talk about what is going on with her body and health, it applies to women of all ages.

Are Acai Bowls All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

Unless you’ve been in hiding, you’ve likely heard about the latest rave for breakfast: Acai bowls. Trendy shops focusing on the breakfast craze are popping up all over, but how healthy are they really? And how often should you be eating them? ... read more »

Is CBD Really the Cure-all It Claims to Be?

CBD has been touted to cure everything from recurring pain, sleep issues, PTSD, epilepsy and a host of other medical problems but its largest use seems to be in reducing anxiety. But does it really do all it claims? And how does it affect your body and health? ... read more »

Is Sex During Your Period Safe?

Having sex during your period is a tricky situation. Not everyone is comfortable with the mechanics or mess of it yet many couples believe that this may be the only time to have unprotected sex without getting pregnant. But is that true? ... read more »

The Ugly Truth on Lack of Sleep

Sure you are young now ... but you want to stay looking and feeling that way as the years go on. Not getting enough shuteye on a regular basis does a whole lot more than make you look bad; the beauty changes that take place are rooted in how well your body is working. ... read more »

Tracking My Period Is Annoying, Why Do It?

We know, it’s yet another task tacked on to the seemingly endless list of to-dos. I’m not trying to get pregnant, so do I really need to track my period? ... read more »

Should I Skip This Medical Appointment During COVID?

Never before living in a reality where a simple trip to see family or a ride on the subway has become a health hazard, our new normal during the Coronavirus pandemic is a jumbled mix of restrictions. We are finding new ways of doing simple tasks, albeit mixed with a lot of fear surrounding it all. ... read more »

Stop Objecting to Staying Home During COVID-19 Quarantine

It’s a myth that young people do not get very sick or die from COVID-19. "While the total number of deaths is "overwhelmingly weighted toward the elderly and those with underlying conditions, there are going to be people who are going to wind up getting seriously ill." ... read more »

Help! I Think My Guy’s Sex Drive Is Low

Your guy doesn't want sex all that much. Is this normal? ... read more »