Labor Support and Labor CoachThe labor support person or team is elected to be the main caregiver, outside of doctors and nurses. The support role is important during the entire birthing process, but the exact role of labor support needs to be discussed before labor happens so everyone is on the same page. Writing a simple birth plan that outlines the support you need during labor is the first step, and bringing the right things with you helps too,  but many women forget to list the physical items they'd like to have during labor.

Labor support must be defined by the pregnant woman. That definition will help outline what labor support needs to bring to the birth. For instance, if mom desires a back rub during labor to reduce pain, the labor support person may bring massage oils, warm compresses and other similar items to use during back rubs. The list of specific items needs to be written, checked and rechecked before labor begins. Common items brought to the labor and delivery room include lotion, oils, body pillows, extra blankets and birth ball.