Practical Labor Day Preparation

What to include in your baby bag

You can pack any number of suggested items into that baby bag, but what you may be forgetting is all those things you do around the home every day. Before the time comes to rush off to the hospital, you need to think about preparing for labor, not just packing for your hospital stay.

  1. Pay off all the bills you can. Paying bills ahead of time means not worrying about finances when you're in the hospital. It also gives you a bit of time home before you have to start thinking about daily finances.
  2. Bring work projects to a conclusion. This preparation should be started well in advance of your due date, especially if the projects you're working on take a longer time to complete. If you notice the time is nearing and you have open projects at work, don't spend tons of overtime hours trying to finish them up – that will just place undue stress on your health. Speak with your supervisor about bringing in a colleague to finish up the projects if you go into labor.
  3. Park your car safely. If you have a car and plan to go to the hospital in a cab, make sure your car is parked safely. For example, if it's parked on a city street it may be towed if not parked safely.

Other things to consider

  • Schedule lawn maintenance for the first three to six months after your baby is born
  • Cook extra portions and freeze family meals
  • Verify newborn insurance coverage on your medical plan

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