What are the Best Clothes to Wear to Work When Pregnant?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep a classy, professional style during pregnancy, but not all clothes are safe for mom and baby. When choosing pregnancy work clothing, it is best to choose garments with a loose waist and low-heeled shoes, though there is more to pregnancy workwear than safe clothing.

Do I have to choose maternity clothes?

There is no medical reason to choose maternity work clothes during pregnancy. Plenty of professional women choose clothes from non-pregnancy racks in larger sizes to maintain that professional look at work, but not all professional styles are created for your expanding tummy. Narrow cuts and restrictive waistlines are not safe during pregnancy, so longer skirts fastened above the tummy may be more appropriate than shorter skirts fastened on the tummy.

Do I have to give up my high-heeled shoes?

Yes, pregnant women should give up high heels for the duration of the pregnancy and at least 6 weeks after pregnancy. This advice has nothing to do with balance and everything to do with ligaments. Progesterone loosens ligaments during pregnancy, so falling is easier. Even women who’ve been wearing 4-inch heels for every workday for 10 years will find it hard to maintain balance when pregnant. It takes a few weeks for hormone levels to return to normal after the baby is born, so skip the heels until you return to work.

How can I make my pants and skirts last longer?

All it takes is a simple hairband to extend the life of your everyday work clothes. Place one end of the hairband around the button and feed the other end through the buttonhole. Loop the free end around the button (now both ends of the hairband are around the button) and voila, your pants and skirts are a few sizes bigger. This little trick can be used during the first trimester and a portion of the second trimester. By the third trimester, things are a little different.

What should I wear to work when nothing else fits?

Dresses are the best option for working women in the third trimester of pregnancy. Both maternity and non-maternity dresses are available in long, flowing styles. Try to find a cool fabric in the summer and a warmer fabric in the winter. Some women suffer from hot flashes during pregnancy, so extremely heavy fabrics may be too much. Try a thinner fabric and a jacket.

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