Q: Can I consume Omega 3s During Pregnancy?

A: The question should not be can you consume Omega 3s, but rather how much should you consume. Omega 3s are essential for everyone in life and that is a fact that is not limited to people not carrying children. The controversy over the consumption of Omega 3s during pregnancy is in regards their source. From the right sources, and mom will reap the benefits of this healthy oil. The wrong sources, however, and baby could be harmed.

Fish: One Good Source of Omega 3s
Fish is known to be one of the best sources of natural Omega 3s in the world. While fish can and should be consumed during pregnancy, there is certain fish high in mercury content. Mercury can build up in the body and harm both the pregnant mother and the baby. There is a list of approved and non-approved fish, and the recommendation is to consume these fish twice a week. However, Omega 3s need to be consumed daily for optimal health benefits. Instead of limiting the fish consumed during the week, the pregnant mom can continue eating safe fish PLUS add other healthy sources of Omega 3s.

Flaxseed Oil, Walnut Oil, Soybean Oil: Other Great Sources of Omega 3s
The optimal sources of Omega 3s during pregnancy are flaxseed oil, soybean oil and walnut oil. Consuming these oils can be as simple as mixing them into food mom loves or drizzling them over a salad. DHA fortified milk is another great source of essential fatty acids. Both breast milk and baby formulas are rich in DHA. DHA is an essential Omega 3 used by the growing fetus and infant during growth and development. If DHA is great for the growth of baby outside of the womb, it is great for baby inside the womb. Moms who want to supplement their Omega 3 intake can choose from a long list of healthy foods that will not harm baby.

Supplements: The Third Great Source for Omega 3s
Supplements are a great choice for getting enough Omega 3s during pregnancy. They are safe, have usually no mercury, and can be easily digested while at the same time being very affordable.