Generic Name: MetaprololMetaprolol During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Indications: Beta blocker prescribed for high blood pressure and angina.
FDA Drug Category: C

Summary Recommendations
: Metaprolol is prescribed to treat high blood pressure. The beta blocker affects blood circulation in the heart. Other names for metaprolol include Toprol-XL and Lopressor.

General Precautions
: Tests on metaprolol have not been completed on pregnant women. There is no clear indication if the drug increases risk of birth defects or pregnancy complications. If you are taking metaprolol and you find out you’re pregnant, call your doctor immediately. Your doctor may change your medication to a drug with a stronger history of safety during pregnancy.

You should never stop taking a medication prescribed for high blood pressure as soon as you find out you’re pregnant without the approval of your doctor. High blood pressure during pregnancy is associated with complications. Follow your doctor’s instructions precisely when changing from one medication to another to reduce the possibility of spikes in blood pressure.

Metaprolol is contraindicated if you have low blood pressure, congestive heart failure, asthma, eczema, diabetes, depression and other medical conditions. Tell your doctor about all current medical conditions before you start taking metaprolol or other beta blocker.

There are quite a few contraindications between metaprolol and other prescription medications. If you are taking any prescription medications, report those medications to your doctor before taking metaprolol.

Effect While Trying to Conceive
: There is no evidence that metaprolol affects fertility. High blood pressure can cause problems with fertility, so the drug could improve fertility if you suffer high blood pressure and fertility problems associated with high blood pressure.

Effects on Pregnancy: There are no clinical studies on the impact of metaprolol on pregnancy. Animal studies have shown fetal complications at doses more than 20 times higher than the average dose. This drug should be used during pregnancy only when no other medications will benefit the patient.

Safe During Breastfeeding
: Metaprolol is passed to the infant in breast milk. The amount is small, but infants should be screened for symptoms related to beta-blockade.