Generic Name: MethylergonovineMethylergonovine During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Indications: Reduce uterine bleeding. May be used off-label to treat other conditions.
FDA Drug Category: C

Summary Recommendations
: Methylergonovine is typically used after delivery to increase uterine contractions. Stronger and more frequent uterine contractions can reduce bleeding. Excessive bleeding after delivery can lead to blood transfusions, increased healing time, and prolonged hospital stays. The drug is also sold as Methergine.

General Precautions
: Methylergonovine should not be used by pregnant women. The drug is used after delivery to increase uterine contractions so pregnancy is not an issue in these cases. Patients who suffer from high blood pressure or blood poisoning should not take the medication. Methylergonovine may interact with some antifungal, HIV and antibiotic medications. Make sure to report all medications you are currently taking to your physician to prevent possible interactions. Herbal medications, dietary supplements and some over the counter medications can also cause side effects, so report these to your doctor as well. In a delivery setting, preeclampsia can cause high blood pressure, so this drug should not be used in these cases.

If you are taking methylergonovine for reasons other than uterine contractions after delivery, call your doctor as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. The medication causes uterine contractions in all women, not just women post-delivery, and may cause pregnancy complications.

Effect While Trying to Conceive
: While methylergonovine has not been proven to have any impact on fertility, it is not a drug that is safe to take while trying to conceive. If you are thinking about trying to get pregnant, talk to your doctor before you start. You will be changed to a different medication.

Effects on Pregnancy
: Methylergonovine can cause pregnancy complications. This drug is not approved for use during pregnancy. If you find out you’re pregnant while taking this drug, contact your prescribing physician immediately. Your drug regime will be changed. The drug is typically administered for no more than one week postpartum.

Safe During Breastfeeding
: A small amount of methylergonovine is passed to baby in breast milk. Women can take the drug for up to one week after birth. During this time not enough of the drug passes to the baby in breast milk to cause negative side effects.