All too often, men are the forgotten sufferers of infertility. They are overlooked when discussing the causes of infertility as well as the emotional associations with the condition. Just as many women mourn the struggles of fertility on holidays like Mother’s Day, men also feel a sense of loss over their own struggles with fertility. The emotional connection to being a father and/or inability to have children may become more profound around Father’s Day. However, just because a man may not outwardly express his feelings in a way you are used to recognizing, don't assume he his emotionless as this is often the farthest thing from the truth.

The emotions men display are varied and may range from avoidance of situations where children will be present, to shock, pain, feelings of inadequacy, depression and anger. For some, it may be difficult to acknowledge these men on Father’s Day because we may not know what to say or how to act, however is that a fair way to treat these men who simply desire to be fathers? Should our discomfort come in the way of supporting these men during this difficult time?

While there are no rules on how to engage with those suffering from male infertility or infertility affecting a couple, we should always be mindful, aware and sensitive to the situations men and their families face in order to help them through these difficult days.

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