Infertility is on the rise. About 1 in 5-6 couples trying to get pregnant are not successful. 1/3 are due to male causes, 1/3 are female causes, and 1/3 both have issues or are unexplained. There are 3 major reasons why infertility is on the rise: 1. Having babies at a later age 2. The environment is changing 3. Our lifestyles have been dramatically changing.

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About one in 7 couples (15%) have infertility, difficulties getting pregnant, which affects approximately 7 million men and women in the United States and at least 50 million worldwide. Let our Infertility Guide teach you about the ins and out of infertility testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

Getting pregnant isn't always easy. The process of fertilization depends on several factors each of which must get tested so you find out exactly what the reason for the infertility is and how to treat it. Have more questions? Scroll through our most frequently asked questions and other important infertility information below!

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