Many people search for information about fertility and how to improve their chances of conceiving. Our list of most searched questions shows autofills entered by users when they search Google (as of April 2019) related to fertility and ttc. Also check out pregnancy autofills and most searched questions.

Getting pregnant

  • Getting pregnant with pcos
  • Getting pregnant after 35
  • Getting pregnant after 40
  • Getting pregnant after d&c
  • Getting pregnant on the pill
  • Getting pregnant with iud
  • Getting pregnant after iud
  • Getting pregnant after the pill
  • Getting pregnant on your period

Pregnancy signs

  • Pregnancy signs
  • Pregnancy signs week 4
  • Pregnancy signs week 3
  • Pregnancy signs week 2
  • Pregnancy signs with iud
  • Pregnancy signs and symptoms
  • Pregnancy signs of twins
  • Pregnancy signs of a boy
  • Pregnancy signs week 5

Why can't we get pregnant

  • Can't get pregnant what to do
  • Signs you can't get pregnant
  • What to do if you can't get pregnant naturally
  • Why can't i get pregnant again
  • Most common reasons not getting pregnant
  • Ovulating but not getting pregnant causes
  • Reasons for not getting pregnant when everything is normal 

Is my fertility

  • Is my fertility ok
  • When is my fertility window
  • When is my fertility period
  • When is my fertility days
  • When is my fertility rate
  • When is my fertility age

When TTC (trying to conceive)

  • When TTC how long should I wait to pee
  • When TTC  how long should I lay down for
  • When TTC  how often bd
  • When TTC does position matter
  • Trying to conceive tips
  • I need to get pregnant this month
  • How to get pregnant fast and easy
  • What to do when trying to conceive
  • Trying to conceive a girl
  • Trying to conceive twins

TTC (trying to conceive) Sex

  • Ttc sex everyday too much
  • Ttc sex after ovulation
  • Ttc sex day before ovulation
  • Ttc sex how often
  • Ttc sex everyday during ovulation
  • Ttc sex every third day
  • Ttc sex day after ovulation
  • Ttc sex calculator
  • Ttc sex after temperature rise

What is ovulation?

  • What is ovulation day
  • What is ovulation bleeding
  • What is ovulation mean
  • What is ovulation induction
  • What is ovulation test
  • What is ovulation predictor kit
  • What is ovulation cramping



  • Types of infertility
  • Infertility causes
  • Infertility symptoms
  • Infertility treatment
  • Infertility pos
  • Female infertility treatment
  • Male infertility treatment

How to improve fertility

  • How to improve fertility health
  • How to improve fertility after 40
  • How ro improve fertility woman/female
  • How to improve fertility in male
  • How to improve fertility at 43
  • How to improve fertility pcos
  • How to improve fertility in females naturally
  • How to improve fertility after 35

Fertility improvements

  • Fertility improvements foods
  • Fertility improvements after varicocele surgery
  • Fertility improvements after quitting smoking
  • Fertility improvements in female
  • Fertility improvements diet
  • Fertility improvements home remedies
  • Fertility improvements treatment
  • Male fertility improvement 

Improve ovulation

  • How to improve (my)(egg) ovulation
  • How to improve ovulation naturally
  • How to improve ovulation with pcos
  • How to improve ovulation and egg quality naturally
  • How to improve ovulation chances
  • How to improve weak ovulation

Improve sperm

  • How to improve sperm count
  • How to improve sperm motility
  • How to improve sperm morphology
  • How to improve sperm viscosity
  • How to improve sperm volume
  • How to improve sperm liquefaction

Low sperm count

  • Causes of low sperm count (in males)
  • Causes of low sperm count male infertility
  • Low sperm count treatment
  • Low sperm count iui
  • Low sperm count medication
  • Low sperm count medical term
  • Low sperm count and motility
  • Low sperm count tests at home
  • Low sperm count surgery

Why no ovulation?

  • Why no ovulation (this month)
  • Why no ovulation in pcos
  • Why no ovulation during pregnancy
  • Why no ovulation after taking clomid
  • Why no ovulation with regular periods
  • Why no ovulation pain this month
  • Why no ovulation after miscarriage
  • Why no ovulation during breastfeeding
  • Why no ovulation discharge
  • Why no ovulation after delivery