Many people turn to the Web to find out what to expect when they’re expecting and according to a Google survey, new and expecting parents perform nearly 3x as many searches as non-parents.

The babyMed most searched questions list the most asked questions and autofills entered by users when they search pregnancy-related terms in Google (as of April 2019). Also check out our list of most popular fertility and ttc searches and autofills.



Pregnancy safety

Do pregnant women

Should pregnant women

During pregnancy

Can pregnant women eat

 Can pregnant women have

In pregnancy

Pregnancy weight

  • Pregnancy weight gain
  • Pregnancy weight gain by week
  • Pregnancy weight loss
  • Pregnancy weight tracker
  • Pregnancy weight gain second trimester
  • Pregnancy weight distribution
  • Pregnancy weight breakdown
  • Pregnancy weight lifting
  • Pregnancy weight gain 20 weeks

Pregnancy cravings

  • Pregnancy cravings girl
  • Pregnancy cravings boy or girl
  • Pregnancy cravings start
  • Pregnancy cravings science
  • Pregnancy cravings manings
  • Pregnancy cravings pickles 

Pregnancy sleep

  • Pregnancy sleep pillow
  • Pregnancy sleep aid
  • Pregnancy sleeping on back
  • Pregnancy sleep apnea
  • Pregnancy sleep positions
  • Pregnancy sleeping on stomach
  • Pregnancy sleep bras
  • Pregnancy sleeping on left side

Pregnancy stretch marks

  • Pregnancy stretch marks cream
  • Pregnancy stretch marks hurt
  • Pregnancy stretch marks prevention
  • Pregnancy stretch marks oil
  • Pregnancy stretch marks itch
  • Pregnancy stretch marks breasts
  • Pregnancy stretch marks on thighs
  • Pregnancy stretch marks go away
  • Pregnancy stretch marks on hips


  • Placenta definition
  • Placenta previa
  • Placenta accreta
  • Placenta abruption
  • Placenta and fetus
  • Placenta posterior
  • Placenta pills

Pregnancy signs

  • Pregnancy signs
  • Pregnancy signs week 4
  • Pregnancy signs week 3
  • Pregnancy signs week 2
  • Pregnancy signs with iud
  • Pregnancy signs and symptoms
  • Pregnancy signs of twins
  • Pregnancy signs of a boy
  • Pregnancy signs week 5

Calculate due date

Sex Pregnancy

  • Sex pregnancy myth facts
  • Sex pregnancy calculator
  • Sex pregnancy miscarriage
  • Sex pregnancy second trimester
  • Sex pregnancy cramping after

Can a baby

  • Can a baby survive at 28 weeks
  • Can a baby survive at 22 weeks
  • Can a baby survive at 25 weeks
  • Can a baby survive at 24 weeks
  • Can a baby survive at 30 weeks
  • Can a baby be born with teeth
  • Can a baby survive at 20 weeks