After giving birth, most women feel the aches and pains associated with pregnancy should just fade away. This is surely the case with some symptoms, but backache is not one of them. Lower backache after pregnancy is just as common as lower backache during pregnancy.

Causes of Postpartum Backache
Postpartum backache is associated with many of the same issues that caused pain during pregnancy. Relaxin is still in the body and the hormone can continue to cause backache pain for some weeks. Partner that with the pushing done during labor, lifting the baby often, rocking the baby back and forth, and the bad posture habits associated with a growing baby belly, and the back is bound to hurt. As the body heals, these pains will slowly dissipate, but good lifting practices need to be used in order to curb new pain associated with lifting the baby incorrectly.

Important Facts About Backache Postpartum
The only true cure for postpartum backache is time. The body will return to normal and strength in the lower back will increase. Standing straight and maintaining great posture is important. Patience is also important, so give the body time to heal.

Treatment for Backache Postpartum
Hunching, bending incorrectly, and stretching to reach high or low places can cause lower back pain after pregnancy. Avoiding these activities will give the body time to heal. If pain persists, a warm compress to the area can help as can a post pregnancy massage and nightly warm baths. Elevating the feet and replacing an uncomfortable mattress may also bring relief.

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