Food poisoning is a frequent condition during pregnancy. Here's how to prevent getting sick from food during pregnancy.

  1. Check the approved foods list. There are some foods that obstetricians would rather a pregnant woman stay away from. Each Ob will be a little different but there are often common foods on the list. As well as avoiding foods that could cause sickness in pregnancy, the list will offer the pregnant woman an insight into the best foods for baby.
  2. Do not eat undercooked meat. Undercooked meat can carry a range of diseases like Listeriosis, E-Coli, Salmonella, and Toxoplasmosis. No meat should be consumed unless it is very well done.
  3. Do not eat hot dogs. Hot dogs need to be heated to steaming hot temperatures in order to kill the Listeriosis that is often present in this processed meat. No cold hot dogs should be consumed during pregnancy.
  4. Eliminate soft cheeses. Soft cheese like Brie and Feta is another place where Listeriosis thrives. The best bet is to stick with hard cheeses as they are safe during pregnancy.
  5. Stay away from sprouts. Sprouts have been known to carry a range of diseases - most commonly E-Coli and Salmonella. The sprouts to avoid include radish, alfalfa, clover, and bean.
  6. Keep things pasteurized. Fruit juices and milk should always be pasteurized before consumption. Listeriosis can come from unpasteurized milk and E-Coli or salmonella from unpasteurized fruit juices.
  7. Leave the coastal water fish behind. Coastal water fish and seafood are more likely to cause illness in pregnant women than the ocean variety. If the origin of the fish or seafood cannot be determined, the best choice is to stay away from the meal.
  8. Do not eat certain fish. While all fish carry some sort of mercury level, others have a level high enough to be unsafe during pregnancy. Shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish have the highest mercury levels. Canned tuna should be consumed in moderation throughout the pregnancy.
  9. Stay away from refrigerated smoked meats. If smoked meat comes in a can, it is safe to be consumed during pregnancy. However, if the meat is in the refrigerated section of the grocery store it is not fit for consumption by the pregnant woman. These meats include the ever-popular Lox.
  10. Beware of the buffet. There is no way to tell how hot the food is on a buffet. This could lead to food poisoning in record time. There is also a problem with cross-contamination. Melons and salads are the biggest offenders on the buffet causing food poisoning in many cases.
  11. Check the restaurant's score. Each restaurant will have a cleanliness score. In some states, that score needs to be displayed. In others, the local health department will often tell a consumer the score of a particular restaurant and any violations the restaurant has been forced to fix. A lower score means less cleanly conditions.
  12. Lunchmeat no-nos. Lunchmeat needs to be consumed hot instead of cold when pregnant. The meats can contain Listeriosis and should be steaming. Grilled lunch meat sandwiches may not reach high enough levels to kill the bacteria.

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