ultrasoundBased on a study in the journal Health Expectations, women desire a low-cost ultrasound that provides both clinical and non-clinical information, but they have no preference for who completed the ultrasound. The research was completed at Queen’s University in Belfast as an attempt to establish maternal preference. The information collected could help mold policy and healthcare changes to meet the preferences of pregnant women.

In addition to collecting information about ultrasound preferences, researchers also noted maternal age, stress level and health perception. Older women, women pregnant with a first child and women with high levels of stress during pregnancy were more likely to support third trimester ultrasound than other women in the study group. This preference could be associated with health issues related to age and anxiety surrounding first pregnancy.

Source: Lynn FA, Crealey GE, Alderdice FA, McElnay JC. Preferences for a third-trimester ultrasound scan in a low-risk obstetric population: a discrete choice experiment. Health Expect. 2013 Mar 26. doi: 10.1111/hex.12062.