Pregnancy Guide For Women 35 and Older

Women over 35 may have more pregnancy complications. ... read more »

Questions About Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

When women are trying to conceive, they often have questions regarding their chances of getting pregnant. There are several factors that come into play when it comes to getting pregnant. ... read more »

Parental Age and Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder

In this study, both maternal and paternal age were independently associated with autism. ... read more »

How Age Impacts a Woman's Fertility

As you get older, you may have trouble getting pregnant. ... read more »

IVF Success Rates

Many couples seem to have misconceptions about the rates of success from a procedure like in-vitro fertilization, or IVF. ... read more »

Looking at Complications in Pregnancy Over Age 44

A new study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology reveals complications associated with pregnancy with a maternal age of 44 and over. ... read more »

Cell Aging Linked to Stress During Pregnancy

Children born to women experiencing extreme trauma or traumatic life changes during pregnancy are affected on a cellular level. ... read more »

Marijuana Use Doubles Risk of Premature Birth

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have completed an international study into possible risk factors for premature birth. Premature or preterm birth is considered one of the most avoidable pregnancy complications ' in some cases. ... read more »

Patient Selection Criteria and Blastocyst Transfer

A total of 420 participants were included in the study completed at the Fertility-Centro de Fertilizacao Assistida in Brazil. All participants were having ICSI fertility treatments. In all, 2,781 graded blastocysts were involved. ... read more »

Third Trimester Ultrasound Scan: Maternal Preferences

Based on a study in the journal Health Expectations, women desire a low-cost ultrasound that provides both clinical and non-clinical information, but they have no preference for who completed the ultrasound. ... read more »

Genetic Mutations Linked to Paternal Age

Hollywood stars are known for waiting later in life to start families, but researchers say men who wait longer may be increasing the risk of passing genetic mutations like autism on to offspring. ... read more »

Parental Age and Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) may be associated with parental age during pregnancy. A Finnish study reports associations between various ASDs and parental age starting in the teenage years. ... read more »

Maternal Predictors of Cardiometabolic Traits in Newborns

The impact of maternal health and habits are the topic of multiple research studies. One of the newest studies from researchers in Canada examines the impact of maternal factors and characteristics of pregnancy on cardiometabolic traits in newborns. ... read more »

Is Your Maternal Clock Ticking?

If there is one thing women feel it is the tick-tock of that maternal clock. For some women it starts around the mid-20s or early 30s. For other women it starts much later – closer to 40. No matter when it starts in your mind, your body has a very different idea. ... read more »

More Obstetricians Delivering Babies

Researchers found a 50% decline in the use of family physicians for prenatal care over the last 10 years. ... read more »

A Simple Guide to Egg Freezing

Many women are now choosing to wait until they are 35 or 40 to start a family. While this may be the best time for a woman to conceive, it is not the best time for the female body to conceive. ... read more »